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Principals of WCM&P

Please Click here for the complete background and experiences of->>>John M. Olney, Founding shareholder and Chairman of the Board. Below is a brief abstract.

Graduate of College of the Pacific, a component of the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA with BA degree in Liberal Arts.

Moving from Hawaii (Honolulu) to Napa, California, in 1985, Mr. Olney pursued opportunities in the golf and wine industries where his employment history included two golf courses, three Napa Valley winery tasting rooms (Mumm, Silverado and Andretti) and one restaurant. Throughout these periods, he produced and marketed two wine label poster-maps of Napa Valley winegrowers. He is an acknowledged historian buff and his personal wine-related library includes over 300 books and periodicals from which he draws much of the material in support of the
historical essays he has written on Napa and Sonoma wine and winery operations which have been published in Suite 101, St. Helena Star and TWCC site.

In 2005, Mr. Olney established the weB LOG (BLOG) site which has grown from a few hits per day to a popular site supplying wine consumers with up-to-date information about new events and wine releases from approximately 1045 wine producers distributed between Napa and Sonoma Counties. In January 2007, He was named "one of the top wine journalists in America," by the Culinary Institute of America and invited to participate in the selection process of the inaugural inductees to the California Vintners Hall of Fame.
He remains an actve member of the Nominating Committee as well as one of the voting writers of te Electoral College.

Before arriving in Napa, California, he served in the U.S. Navy on active duty (1965-1970) at commands in Alaska, then Treasure Island (SF Bay Area) and finally at Pearl Harbor on Oahu. in Hawaii. As an officer he was involved in shore-based detection and tracking of Soviet submarine operations in the Pacific Ocean. For the next five years, and after departing the Navy, he continued to conduct operations analysis for private companies, including the prestigious firm, Arthur D. Little, Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1975, Mr. Olney and partners drafted the Energy Conservation and Public Awareness federal grant applications for Hawaii and Territory of American Samoa and was then contracted to assist implement them.

John C. Naab - Shareholder and member of the Board of Directors - Chief Executive OfficerBorn and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Mr. Naab traveled the world courtesy of the US Air Force as a missile technician ending up in Seattle, WA where he graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Marketing Management and a minor in Accounting funded by a partial scholarship in Economics, military tuition assistance and part time employment in an automotive and truck machine shop.

Upon graduation, Mr. Naab was hired by Timberline Software of Portland, OR as Western Regional Manager for its construction, developer and property management software directing sales activities, dealer development and local training from Denver, CO and then later in Newport Beach, CA.

Next, Mr. Naab formed his own Management Consulting Service for small and medium size businesses specializing in the automotive, construction, logging, truck and welding industries as well as other marketing driven companies in both California and Washington states.

Mr. Naab came to the Napa Valley at the turn of this century to work with the RH HESS Development Co. to build custom homes and mixed use commercial centers, as its Chief Financial and Operations Officer. Mr. Hess, with the assistance of Mr. Naab, helped to develop the commercial aspects for the City of American Canyon in Napa County.

His most recent community contribution was CFO for the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce from 2002 through 2006.
Rand Reynolds - Shareholder and member of Board of Directors - SecretaryGraduate of John F. Kennedy College, Wahoo Nebraska earning a BS degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Reynolds is currently employed by Chevron Pipe Line Company where he is a specialist in identifying rights-of-way needs, plan and negotiate acquisitions, renew rights as necessary, remove encroachments, and other tasks relating to laying and/or moving pipe lines. As such he is constantly dealing with the public and Government in such sensitive manners to maintain and renew right-of-way needs of the Company.

He is well experienced Research Analyst who has the ability to work with city, county, state, and federal agencies to explain and resolve often technical and complex legal and social issues with the public and governmental agencies and yet match the solutions found to his company needs.

Prior experience is very impressive as he was a staff member for Congresswoman Virginia Smith (3rd District Nebraska) - Washington DC 1976 to 1977, Sergeant-at-Arms US Capital (Senate Side) - Washington DC 1975 to 1977and Doorkeeper US Senate - Patronage position by Senator Carl Curtis (Nebraska)
Jean A. Abadie - Shareholder and member of Board of Directors - TreasurerNapa College, Associate of Arts Degree - accounting and finance California State University Sonoma, earning a BA degree majoring in accounting and fnance.
Golden Gate University, San Francisco, Masters of Business Administration

Chief Financial Officer (1979 through present) for the Pine River Corporation, a health care provider (with offices in Vallejo, Fairfield, Rio Vista, and Vacaville). Responsible for directing and overseeing financial and accounting operations. Supervise administrative staff, personnel management, financial oversight accounting supervisor, includes review of prepare all tax returns for state, federal and local government, accounts receivable, equipment purchasing, computer software maintenance, and investment and cash resource management.

Chief Financial Officer (1998 through present) for the Aztech Corporation, a pool plastering construction service throughout Northern California. Oversee accounting, provide financial advice and administration, and prepare annual corporate tax returns.

Self Employed as a financial consultant (1971 through present) provide financial counseling and asset management, residential/commercial and estate appraisal services, prepare income tax returns, provide a title insurance company audit response services under contract (current) through Marcus, Wananabe, Snyder & Dave, LLF of Los Angeles, negotiate purchase and sales of business in behalf of clients, and provide estate planning.

Roger Osborne- Shareholder and member of the Board of Directors Former Napa mortgage/financial consultant now residing in Norfolk, Virginia providing financial council to numerous governmental departments and private developers.

Bob Ellis - Shareholder and member of the Board of DirectorsRetired. A former owner-partner in Basalt Cement Company in Napa, Calif., which was sold to Shamrock Cement and for whom Mr. Ellis was their local manager until his retirement in the late 1980s. Before these efforts he served in the Merchant Marines and with his brother, was in the professional photography business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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