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Introduction and Overview
1. Nominations for Year 2007-Initiation & Migration Period
A West Coaster’s Look at New England Winegrowing Operations

2. Nominations for Year 2007-Expansionisn & Refinement
George Husmann
Paul Garrett
Nominations for Year 2007-Resurrection & Perfection
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“Entwined Vines,”
a wine country draft novel by John Olney
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"The SOSUS Man,"
an unpublished novel by our founder, John OlneySite Index/Map

Monday, September 3, 2007

Books and Articles Written by our Founder, John Olney


“Entwined Vines” A novel about the changing wine production and politics of Napa Valley wine growers.

Click here>>>> - Chapter 1: The Falling Leafs and Growing Seeds of Changing Times

“The SOSUS Man”
A novel about Soviet submarine operations in the Pacific Ocean based on actual experience of Mr. Olney. Includes the detection and initial localization of the Soviet submarime that sank off of Hawaii and for which the USA used CIA funds to build the Glomar Explorer an the Howard Hughes Barge 1 which retrieved the submarine (or parts thereof) from over 16,000 feet depth. There are 16 chapters in draft form totaling 400 plus pages.

Click here>>> - Synopsis and Chapter 1.

Click here>>> - Chapters 2 through Four

Our Founder’s general comments about the Web sites of the pre-Prohibition Era wine producers. A Tasting with Bardessono Vineyards, June 17, 2007 General Erasmus Darwin Keyes - Creator of the Edge Hill Estate. April 30, 2007 [Now owned by Leslie Rudd] Historical Site
THE AMERICAN WINE INDUSTRY HALL OF FAME - Initialization and Migration - This period is defined as the time from the first arrival of foreigners to the new world up to year about 1825, with the start of America’s great period when it was declared that it “was our manifest destiny to make the United States, one country reaching from coast to coast.” This became part of what is known as "The Monroe Doctrine." Includes
Thomas Jefferson - Third President of the United States [1801-1809] (American Wine Industry contributions: 1773-1826). April 27, 2007
THE AMERICAN WINE INDUSTRY HALL OF FAME - Expansionism & Refinement - The period starts from about 1825 and lasts through the enactment of Prohibition against the commercial production of alcoholic beverages in 1920 and up to Repeal of Prohibition in 1933. This is the period when grape wine moved from American varietals and their "foxy" taste to the palette on the East Coast to the pioneers moving to the West Coast and into production using European varietals with a much more refined after-taste.
April 27, 2007
Captain Paul Garrett -Virginia Dare Wine & Vine-Glo. (American Wine Industry contributions: 1900-1940) April 27, 2007
George Husmann (1827-1902) - A Wine Writer, Vineyard Manager and Wine Producer Extraordinaire. April 27, 2007
THE AMERICAN WINE INDUSTRY HALL OF FAME - Resurrection & Perfection - This period commences with Repeal of Prohibition in 1933 and goes to the present. This period constitutes when winemaking retreated from sweet, fortified wines and moved back to premium varietals and excellent generic wines produced in mass quantities. (This period of time is in development)
April 27, 2007
A West Coaster’s Look at New England Winegrowing Operations, March 28, 2007 Winegrower Dinner at Restaurant Cuvee Napa, March 25, 2007
Brass Sounds a at UVA’s, February 23, 2007
A maze of winery licensing and charity events . Published in "Your Turn," Napa Valley Register Newspaper, Sunday, February 18, 2007
R&B at UVA's in Downtown Napa, February 6, 2007
THE REZONING OF NAPA COUNTY - A Hypothetical Myth or could it Become a Reality? January 29, 2007
1st Annual Vintner's Hall of Fame Nominations - VINTNER’S HALL OF FAME - THOUGHTS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR POSSIBLE CONSIDERATION, January 29, 2007
A trade-Only Tasting at Frazier Winery - Napa , January 21, 2007
Jazz in Napa - OUT AND ABOUT NAPA, January 21, 2007
Tasting of VIE Wines - A Wine and Food Tasting, November 15, 2006
Tasting with Cuvée Napa and Modus Operandi, October 19, 2006 Alfred Loving Tubbs and the birth of Chateau Montelena, Published inThe St. Helena Star Newspaper, Thursday, August 3, 2006

A series on Judd’s Hill Winery of Napa
of 3, May 13, 2005.
A VISIT TO JUDD’S HILL VINEYARDS AND WINERY IN CONN VALLEY, Part 2 of 3, “A Conversation with Holly -- The Mysterious Miss Mauna Loa -- of Judd’s Hill,” May 13, 2005.
A VISIT TO JUDD’S HILL VINEYARDS AND WINERY IN CONN VALLEY, Tasting Judd’s Hill a 1,000 feet up,” Part 3 of 3, June 2, 2005.

Three-Part Article -
The following historical review was first published under the purview of Suite, in its History Category under Elegant Old Wineries.
The Stories Underlying The Niebaum-Coppola Estate - The Real Origins of Inglenook Vineyards, , June 20, 2005 [Now owned by Movie Mogul Francis Ford Coppola and renamed “Rubicon“]
Historical Site
Festival in Clayton, CA - ART & WINE or ART & BEER? May 3, 2007 Two-Part Article Historical Site - THE KRUG ESTATE - PART 1 -THE CHARLES KRUG ERA (Duration: 1860-1892) , April 5, 2005 [Now owned and operated by the Peter Mondavi Family]
Part 2 -- 2nd Krug Ranch Owner: James Kennedy Moffitt (Duration: 1892-1943), April 5, 2005 [Now owned and operated by the Peter Mondavi Family] Historical Site

Two-Part Article - The following historical review was first published under the purview of Suite, in its History Category under Elegant Old Wineries. Morris M. Estee Creates Hedgeside Winery & Distillery - . May 9, 2005. [Now occupied by Del Dotto Vineyards] Historical Site
Bouchaine Vineyards - Progression of ownership: Boone (a.k.a. Boon) Fly, Johnny Garetto,
Beringer Brothers. March 11, 2005 [Now owned by Gerret & Tatiana Van S. Copeland, a duPont heir] Historical Site CHATEAU MONTELENA - Alfred Lovering Tubbs: (1827 - 1896). The Major Business Enterprises: Tubbs Cordage Company, San Francisco; Tubbs Hotel, Oakland; Hillcrest Estate & Chateau Montelena Winery. March 11, 2005. Historical Site

Our Own American Wine Industry Reference Library


(PAMPHLETS/BOOKLETS/ETC., PUBLISHED WITHOUT LISTED AUTHOR/EDITOR and HISTORY BOOKS are listed after the alphabetical listing of wine-related book authors)(PB) = Paperback

“Aaron, Jan (assisted by Leslie Jay)"

"Wine Routes of America - 89 (PB)",1989,"1st ed", "E. P. Dutton"

"Adams, Leon D.”"Commonsense Book of Wine, The",1958,"1st ed","David McKay Co. , Inc."
“Commonsense Book of Wine, The (PB)",1964,"2nd ed., rev.ed.", "David McKay Co. , Inc."
"Wines of America, The ",1973,"1st ed, 1st prtng signed","The S.F. Book Co./Houghton Mifflin Co."
“Wines of America, The (2 copies)",1973,"1st ed, 2nd prtng", "The S.F. Book Co./Houghton Mifflin Co."
"Commonsense Book of Wine, The (PB)",1975,"3rd ed., rev. expanded","SF Book Co./Houghton Mufflin Co.."
"Wines of America, The - 78",1978,"2nd ed., rev.","McGraw-Hill"

"Adams, Peter"
"Wine Lover's Quiz Book, TRhe (PB)",1987,"1st ed", "HP Books"

"Ambrosi, Hans"
"Where the Great German Wines Grow",1976,"1st ed", "Hastings House"

“Amerine, Berg and Cruess"
"Technology of Wine Making, The (was property of M. Mondavi bel)",1972,"3rd ed.","AVI"

"Amerine, M.A. and Joslyn"
"Table Wines",1951,"1st ed.","Univ. of CA Press"
"Table Wines, The Technology of Their Production",1970,"2nd ed. cc 1951","Univ. of Calif."

"Amerine, Maynard A. and Roessler, Edward B."
"Wines, Their Sensory Evaluation",1976,"1st","Freeman"

"Amerine, M.A. and Singleton, V.L."
"Wine (Was property of Sam Sebastiani)",1966,"2nd prtng c1965","Univ. of CA Press"
"Wine (PB)",1967,"3rd prtng c1965","Univ. of CA Press"
"Wine (PB)",1977,"2nd ed. c65","Univ Calif Press"

"Amerine, Thompson Bob, Muscatine"
"California Wine, Book of (84)",1984,"1st ed.","UCB Press"

"Amis, Kingsley"
"On Drink (PB)",1974,"c1970","Panther Books Ltd"

"Amorose, M. A.",
"Cailfornia Wines, A Catalog of (PB-Binder) # 2",1980,"1st prtng","Amorose, M.A."
"Cailfornia Wines, A Catalog of (PB-Binder) # 3",1983,"1st prtng","Amorose, M.A."
"California Wines, A Catalog of (85) (PB-Binder) # 4",1985,"4th Ed","Amorose, Michael A."
"Cailfornia Wines, A Catalog of 87 (PB-Binder) # 5",1987,"1st prtng","Amorose, M.A."
"California Wines, A Catalog of # 6",1989,"6th ed","Aurthur Young & Co."

"Anderson, Burton"
"Wines of Italy",1986,"1st ed.","Italian Trade Commission, NY"
"Wines of Italy - The quality of life (PB)",1992,"1st ed.","Italian Trade Commission, NY"

"Art of Making Wine, The , (2 copies)",1970,"Amer. ed.","Hawthorne"

"Asher, George"
"On Wine ( 2 copies)",1982,"1st ed 11th prtng, c1972","Random House"

"Balzzer, Robert L."
"Adventures in Wine (Poss signed)",1969,"2nd prntng 11/69, 1st 9/69","Ward Ritchie Press"

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"Wines Great & Small",1969,"1st ed.","Cassell & Co., Inc."

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"Wine Uncorked",1999,"1st ed. USA","Willow Creek/Octopus"

"Benson, Robert, (et al)
"Great Winemakers of California",1977,"1st ed.","Capra Press"

"Berry, C.J.J."
"First Steps in Winemaking (PB)","1974c","4th ed, 35th impression","Amateur Winemaking Publications Ltd."
"First Steps in Winemaking (PB)",1975,"11/75, 5th ed, 3rd impression","Amateur Winemaking Publications Ltd."

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"Official Guide to Wine Snobbery (PB)",1982,"1st ed","William Morrow and Co., Inc."

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"Guide to Wine, Family Circle - 73 ",1973,"5th ed","NY Times Publishing Co. "
"Inexpense Wines, Guide to",1975,"2nd ed., cc 1973","Simon and Schuster"
"Fireside Book of Wine, The (an anthology-collection of writers)",1977,"1st ed.","Simon and Schuster"
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“American Wine “, 1985,"1st ed.","Doubleday and Co., Inc."
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"California, Northern - Travel Guide - Sunset - 86 (PB)",1986,"5/86, 5th. ed./prtng","Lane Publishing Co."

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"Great Vintage Wine Book, The",1980,"1st ed","Knopf"
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"Pocket Encyclopedia of Wine (PB)",1997,"1st ed","Simon & Schuster"
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"Katz Group"
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”Great Book of Wine, The",1970,"2nd ed. rev. updtd Amer.sec.","Galahad Books"

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(in collab. with E. Massee)","Wines of France",1951,"12/51 1st ed, 2nd prtng","Alfred A. Knopf, Inc."

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