Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to the WCMP Team & Projects

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WCMP is focused on the delivery of expert marketing and promotional services to the American Wine Industry. Currently, WCMP is involved in the following promotional endeavors, all of which can be reviewed in greater detail by clicking onto the appropriate block in the righthand sidebar or the underlined URL address shown belo:

Wine Label poster-maps of the many appellations and sub-appellations of the American Wine Industry (Initial focus on the Napa Valley industry).  These posters are now considered classics as they were first released in the mid to late 1980's during the boom in the growth of Napa County wineries.

Napa County
We are in the final stages of producing books/booklets on wineries of Napa County.The book in draft is titled “The Essence of the Napa County Wine Industry” which will be presented in three parts which are titled
P1 - ‘The Resurrectors” - From Repeal of Prohibition through the 1960s,”
P2 - “The Innovators and Pacesetters” - 1970s to 2000
P3 - “The Inheritors” - 2000 to the present
John Olney has completed recorded interviews lasting from one and a half hours to as much as four hours with 20 of the 27 industry all the following greats of the Napa Valley Wine Industry To our knowledge there has never been such a collection of formidable Napa Valley wine industry personalities and talents under one book. * denotes inductees to the California Vintners Hall of Fame under the sponsorship of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Greystone building, St. Helena, CA.
Charles Sullivan, Dario Sattui, *Andy Beckstoffer, Sal Renteria, William "Bill Hill", Ric Forman, Mitch Consentino, Randy Dunn, *Volker Eisele, *Warren Winiarski, *Agustin Huneeus, Francis Mahoney, Jack Cakebread, Dan Duckhorn, Mary Novak, Michael Mondavi, Bob Trinchero, Dr. Dick Peterson, Peter Mondavi, Sr.
The following persons will hopefully allow us to include them:
Tony Soter, Michael Moone, John DeLuca, Jim Hickey, Elizabeth Martini, Peter Mondavi, Jr., Marc Mondavi, and other which we are still negotiating.
Click here to read the full posting plus a list of the same five questions all answered/will be answering:

Nevada County
John Olney has completed the draft book on the wine industry of Nevada County.  To the best of our knowledge this is  the first complete history of wine growth for Nevada County……Click here to read full posting:


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