Thursday, September 16, 2010

Books/booklets on the wine industry of Lake County, California.

We are in the initial stages of drafting books/booklets on the wine industry of Lake County.

One will be about the career of one of the great winemakers of not only Lake County but while consulting with many others - Jed Steele - who was the first winemaker nand who established the ever popular unique Chardonnay of Kendall Jackson.

The second document is tourist/taster oriented booklet designed to assist the consumer negotiate the highways and country backroads of the 32 wineries of this county. It contains a brief overview of the history associated to the wine industry since of the county since the great migration to California starting in the mid 1840s. The guide then provides detailed description of how to find each of the present day wineries and the many other attractions and amenities available to the consumer visiting the area. This booklet is titled, “Olney’s Guide to the Wineries of Lake County.”


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